If you already have a long term care insurance policy.

These are the most common reasons why someone would consider replacing their existing long term care insurance policy:

1. You have received a rate increase on your existing policy and you want to see if it would be cheaper to replace it. it is rarely cheaper to replace a policy because you are older and companies have newer more costly policies. You would also have to go through health underwriting again and may not get the same health rating.

2. You purchased a policy before your State's Partnership program was available and now you want the Partnership asset protection. In some cases it might make sense to add a second (smaller) policy that is Partnership.

If you bought a policy before 2006 it probably is not a Partnership policy, unless you bought it in NY, CT, IN, CA.

If you bought a policy after 2006 please confirm with your current insurance company that your policy is NOT Partnership before you request a quote.

3. If you are looking to see if you can get a cheaper policy than the one you have, you probably can't. To lower your premium, lower the benefits on your current policy. To do that contact that insurance company.

If you are still interested in getting quotes, close this window and send in the quote request form.

Thank you.